Montana with Canada Goose

Sometimes there are some perks to my job, and travelling to a destination on my wish list is certainly one of them! I have always wanted to go to Montana, a state that is known for it's natural beauty. Last month Canada Goose reached out to see if I was available to head west to Montana for a few days to photograph a group of photographers/influencers who were there to learn about Canada Goose and the brands collaboration with Pendleton, as well as to experience the awesomeness of Montana. It was a unique job as I was asked to document their experience in photographs, yet since the group was so intimate I also became part of their experience. As a photographer sometimes you have to walk a fine line between allowing subjects to feel comfortable by engaging them and participating in discussions, while still shoving a camera in their face to capture very intimate moments.

The locals didn't appear to wear Canada Goose clothing.

The crew.

Till next time Montana.

#canadagoose #mikepalmer #roamingfocus #travel #montana #photo #photography

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