Shooting with Movember

For the last couple of years the fine folks at Movember have become clients and friends. As a photographer I'm constantly wondering where and when the next job will come, but I'm also conscious of the brands I work with. There is nothing better than to partner with people who are doing an enormous amount of good in the world, and that's exactly what Movember does for men's health. Below is a collection of photos from a shoot I did for them with some of Toronto's finest. It was a bit of a challenging shoot because there was a live fire on site, multiple photographers, and the scene was heavily backlit by a strong mid day sun. The only thing I truly had any influence over was the lighting, and since I knew what I was getting into I came prepared with a high power battery operated strobe. I had my assistant hand hold the light to the left of the subject (there were too many people on set for stands) and set my camera and light to shoot with a high speed shutter sync. It was a bit of a hectic shoot but a lot of fun and in the end both the client and I were happy with the results.

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