Camping with the Crew

Living in Canada means you can have some long ass winters. This was one of those years and I was desperate to get out into nature, regardless of the fact that it wasn't yet ideal camping weather. Camping is a passion of mine - it allows me to remove myself from the stresses of daily live and focus on the simplicities of nature. Getting out into the wilderness strips away the excess and there's no where better to clear a foggy mind. In late April the crew and I headed up to Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park for a weekend in the wilderness. We geared up with some good food, a couple of boxes of red wine, a bunch of camera gear, and hit the dusty (watery?) trail.

There were four of us in total, so we had two canoes. I paddled with Jon, our cinematographer, and in the other canoe was our producer, Steve and our newest team member and a talented shooter, Curry. Pictured above is a photo taken by Jon, of Steve and Curry (Curry is in the stern/back of the canoe).

This is what happens when you go out with a bunch of shooters, cameras everywhere. The photo above is taken with my new little back up camera (yes, a mirrorless).

It's also hard to get away with any screw ups when there are so many cameras around.

Jon captured this shot of our campsite from the lake. This place is paradise.

Another one of Jon's photos of our man Curry finishing of some sous vide cooked meat over the open flame. The meat was so damn delicious that it actually inspired Jon to purchase a sous vide and attempt to master the art himself (chances are slim).

Jon set up a tripod to capture the four us around the fire at one of my favourite times of the day.

A Jon Simo deep in thought selfie.

Campfire glow with stars in the distance, it doesn't get much better than this. At this moment I was most certainly sitting by the fire, gazing into the coals, getting lost in thought. Sometimes I just need to put the camera down and exist, Jon's a little different. He shoots so much video that he takes any opportunity to dedicate time to stills and results speak for themselves.

Jon captured this photo of Curry shooting with his Sony FS7 at first light.

I wanted to test out the ability of my new camera over the weekend and my good friend Steve always seems to be a perfect model. Looking sharp bud.

When you aren't paddling, gathering wood, or cooking, there is a lot of time to just relax. Jon captured Curry doing just that.

Again, there were a lot of cameras around. Here's Jon shooting me cause he thought I looked silly.

He might have been right. This is me and my 'Dad' look as Jon called it. I was putting it on a little but the old school neck strap on the small point and shoot looking camera certainly helped. In the end that little camera produced some pretty awesome results.

Back to the fire as another day ends. This was taken hand held on my mirrorless.

After a short break Jon got his camera back out while the rest of us laughed the night away by the fire.

Jon named this photo 'Dreamland'. It's appropriately named. Looking forward to the next trip.

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