Why I chose Kickstarter to fund my photography project

On January 1st, 2016 I began a project taking one portrait, everyday, for the entire year. I was looking for a way to get out of my comfort zone, push myself creatively, but also to help communicate peoples stories from around the world through the medium of photography. On top of taking a portrait a day, I decided to document my experiences in hopes of creating a feature length documentary called Shooting Humans. I wasn't prepared to let the lack of funding get in my way, so I started the project with nothing but drive and determination. I am now over half way through my portrait project and if I'm going to achieve my goals I desperately need to raise some money. There are many different ways of approaching this seemingly impossible task, but thanks to the internet there is now the option of crowdfunding.

There are a lot of different sites out there and they generally offer the same thing, an opportunity to raise money by simply connecting with people who want to help fund your goal. I have never been a part of a Kickstarter campaign before, but I had heard so many great experiences about the online community and the strong potential of finding some funding, but to me, this crowd sourced campaign is about more than raising funds, it's about the realization of goal, and doing whatever it takes to reach it. On top of that, in the process of preparing my Kickstarter campaign I was forced to really dig deep and realize what my project was all about. It's allowed me to articulate my ideas and provided an avenue of announcing what Shooting Humans is and what it's all about.

Beginning a Kickstarter campaign is as much about succeeding by raising the money you're looking for as it is failing. If I don't raise my goal, then I get nothing, but for me there is no failing, there is no nothing. Sometimes we have to become more vulnerable than we'd like to take a risk and ask for help. My project, Shooting Humans, is a huge personal undertaking, but I have no doubt that regardless of the end product it will not be a failure. Since beginning this project I've already connected with so many people I would have never met, I've learned more about myself than I could have ever hoped, and through this Kickstarter campaign I've realized that there is a whole other amazing community of people online who are looking to be a part of something they believe in. Check out the trailer below to get better idea of what Shooting Humans is all about.

If you have any interest in photography or are looking for a way to help make a positive impact in this crazy world we live in please consider backing my Kickstarter campaign. Whether you're able to help back the project financially or just help by sharing the link, any and all support is greatly appreciated.




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