Top 10 Toronto Photos from #Rf365

As many of you might know, last year I took on a project that entailed taking and posting a new photo everyday, for an entire year (#Rf365). At times I strongly cursed my decision to undertake such a demanding task, but it was a great educational experience as I had to train my eyes to be constantly scanning, always seeing photographically.

I did my best to post quality photos, but not everyday was my best work, something that comes with the territory. With that being said, one the great parts of taking photos everyday is that no matter who you are, you're bound to capture some great moments. Below is a list of 10 of my favourite images from the year long project, all of which were taken here in my hometown of Toronto! Also I should let you know that these aren't the traditional skyline photos that everybody seems to love, sorry!

10. Day 167 of 365

I went up to the elevated train tracks at Yonge and Summerhill to get a night shot looking south with the city in the distance, however when I got there I realized there was rare power outage to the north. Needless to say I turned my camera around and captured a rare shot of a dark and powerless Yonge Street. Also I love the reflections of the passing car lights in the store windows.

9. Day 153 of 365

There are 19 floors shown in this single image. It's hard to tell here but the detail in this photo when zoomed in to 100% is pretty damn spectacular (a special thanks to my D800)! This building is located near High Park and the Lakeshore.

8. Day 35 of 365

Sitting on the corner of Queen and Broadview in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood is this beautiful building. At the time of this photo the building was still home to Jilly's, who referred to themselves as "The Finest In Adult Entertainment."

7. Day 49 of 365

Toronto has a lot of underpasses like the one shown below. I love the simplicity of the concrete and steel, especially when you mix in different light temperatures, passing cars, and a slow shutter.

6. Day 283 of 365

Toronto is under construction. There are condos going up all over the city, but none look as badass as the L Tower. I love this view of the curved building and it's amazing simplicity. You can check out stunning photos from Rob Mac, he's the man who operates the crane from his office in the sky. Follow him on Instagram

5. Day 323 of 365

I generally have a camera on me at all times. As a result, I do end up taking quite a few photos from my car. While I know this isn't safe, or illegal, it does happen, and such is the case for the photo below. After stopping at a red light at Spadina and Queen I was able to observe all the people enjoy the evening and immediately wanted to capture it. I quickly grabbed my camera, opened up my sun roof, pointed my camera, and snapped a few frames. Simple.

4. Day 33 of 365

This is as close as it gets to Toronto Skyline Porn. This is taken directly beside Underpass Park in the Corktown.

3. Day 102 of 365

It may take you a second to find, but there's an airplane in the photo. If you look right in the middle you'll see a few windows as well as the tail of the plane. In fact, if you look really close you can make out the word 'Porter' for Porter Airlines. The plane is approaching the Toronto Island Airport and I'm photographing it through a shit ton of scaffolding. I think it makes for a pretty awesome image.

2. Day 47 of 365

This photo is amazingly simple to take. I stood at the very front of the subway and put my camera lens flat against the glass. I choose a slow enough shutter speed to allow for motion blur and then I stayed very still, using my weight against the camera to keep it firm against the glass. (Note: You need to find an old subway, the new trains don't allow for access to the very front of the train)

1. Day 327 of 365

The power of silhouettes in images is undeniably strong. A friend told me they thought it would be a better photo if one head wasn't getting cut off, I disagree, I love it just the way it is.

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